Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ricky Hickman exclusive interview

Ricky Hickman is the emerging name in the PG crop in Europe. The Winston Salem, NC native, former graduate of UNC Greensboro (2007) is about to be the starting pointguard of Junior Fastweb Casale Monferrato, team participating the LegaDue championship in Italy in 2010/2011 season. Ricky is 25 years old and is a solid, athletic and talented PG with big size (6-3 1/2 ft, 185 lbs) who built his career playing in Romania, Germany and being voted the MVP of Finland last year.

Ricky, tell our readers something about your career so far.

Really my career has been an interesting one so far, I think my high school and collegiate years were very good and I enjoyed a lot of awards and recognition. But since becoming a pro I look at myself as having my own business and I have had to build my business from the grown up.. what I mean by that is playing in leagues such as Romania, Finland to Germany and now Italy..but I have enjoyed all the experiences I have had so far and I believe everything happens for a reason and I like the direction my career is going as long as I keep working hard and keep God first..

Who were your favourite players growing up and a little kid.

Well growing up as a kid I always looked up to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson... later years and now is Kobe Bryant and I love to watch Steve Nash as well... I honestly try to just watch a lot of the top players and take some their strenghts and put them into my game.

You have played in many different countries in Europe: Romania, Germany, Finland and Italy. What do you bring with you of these experiences?

Playing in all the countries has given me quite a bit of experience and has let me develop as a player. I feel like now I know what it takes to succeed and I realize the only way to get to where you really want to be is thru hardwork every single day.. and always feeling like you have something to prove.

You are about to be the floor leader of Fastweb Casale Monferrato in the Italy LegaDue. Do you feel ready for the season?

Yes I feel ready for this season I prepare every off-season as if I am to be the best player on the court and this summer was no different I'm excited about the opportunity and to be playing under such a coach that helps me improve..I got a good situation this year.

What's your challenge as a player?

My biggest challenge I think this year is just staying consistent mentally to my approach to every game and every practise situation.. I think if I can do that I will be fine and it will make our team that much better.

Thank you Ricky and Good luck!

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