Monday, August 30, 2010

When you see in Romania teams playing like the Lakers

Almost all the teams of the professional leagues have started working hard in these first days of the training camps.
The phone cells of the GMs are always hot though. Better to be updated. You never know. Maybe around the corner you can find the perfect addition to your squad, and agents are lowering the prices of clients still available in the meantime.

It's like stock market, even for ballers the budget fluctuations are related on economy first, but also on your resume, the last stats and the trend of coaches. Of course you have to handle carefully your demands, because every more day you will lose jobs.
Sometimes it happens that some positions are "in" while due to the new rules of the game you can see old-style centers being "out" of the market. Yeah, it's a matter of being fashionable: when some powerhouses win with combo's in international competitions or in some top leagues, you will see at any level coaches yelling at their GM's they need combo's to be competitive.

Coaches like to be followers. It's sumetimes ridiculous. They want so much to feel themselves like they are close with technical ideas to the most valuable colleagues of the business. It's a human weakness to act like this. Well, if you are not coach Bobby Knight or Phil Jackson or the multi-winner Zeljko Obradovic at Euroleague level, for sure you can always say to your friends that your team has the same plays of the best teams in the NBA or in ACB. It's possible to see teams in Romania playing like the Lakers. Even at lower level or in youth programs. Maybe it's sometimes funny but also the nice side of this game.

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